Cancer Hurdle

A resource to those with Cancer


Fotosearch_k4374971What the Cancer Hurdle Blog Is All About

This site is intended to be a helpful resource to those who have Cancer, to their families and friends, and to others who want to learn more about this disease from the personal experiences of those who have been afflicted with it. It will also focus on the reactions of people whose lives have been touched by the patients during their journey. Familiarity with the many roads patients and their families may follow, can often provide a better understanding of what can be expected during this experience. This knowledge can also provide the means for those who experience Cancer to better cope with it. Other sources of information will also be provided to help patients and their families better navigate this often overwhelming and stressful path.

Initially, the story of one woman’s journey will be presented. Her name and those of her family have been changed to ensure their privacy. The account of Carol Michaelson’s journey will begin from the time she was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, and continue until the present. It will be divided into many parts, each provided at a specific interval of time, to allow the information to be digested, reactions to its content to be made, and comments to be presented. The overall goal of this story is to provide “insider information” to the readers to help them to better understand the nature and effect this disease has had on Carol Michaelson and her family. Any questions regarding the content of any part of this article can be forwarded to the author, who will see that responses to these concerns are provided.